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01. Tattoos On This Town.mp3
02. Dirt Road Anthem.mp3
03. Church Pew Or Bar Stool.mp3

04. Just Passing Through.mp3
05. Fly Over States.mp3
06. My Kinda Party.mp3
07. I Ain't Ready To Quit.mp3
08. It Ain't Easy.mp3
09. Country Boy's World.mp3
10. The Heartache That Don't Stop Hurting.mp3
11. Texas Was You.mp3
12. Don't You Wanna Stay (Feat. Kelly Clarkson).mp3
13. See You When I See You.mp3
14. If She Could See Me Now.mp3
15. Days Like These.mp3

Miscellaneous Sound Effects

Horses walking on dirt animals004.mp3
Horse, walking by animals005.mp3
Horse, walking by animals006.mp3
Horses walking on concrete animals007.mp3
Horse-whinnying animals036.mp3

Miscellaneous Music

Should Have Been a Cowboy.mp3
Sixteen Tons.mp3

01 Away Out West.mp3
02 The Cowboy's Life.mp3
03 Ridin'.mp3
04 One Way of Proposin'.mp3
05 The Old Chuck Wagon.mp3
06 The Roundup Cook.mp3
07 Ranchers.mp3
08 Hell in Texas.mp3
09 Corrido de Kiansis.mp3
10 A Border Affair.mp3
11 Lasca.mp3
12 The Streets of Laredo.mp3
13 Tonight, My Heart's in Texas.mp3
14 The Insult.mp3
15 Caught Nappin'.mp3
16 Old Dynamite.mp3
17 Little Joe, the Wrangler.mp3
18 When Ma Turned the Stampede.mp3
19 The Cowboy's Dream.mp3
20 Out Where the West Begins.mp3

Sound files on HBCH as of 3/25/14